Intro to some talented singer/band (part 1)

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Intro to some talented singer/band (part 1) Empty Intro to some talented singer/band (part 1)

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Do As InfinityIntro to some talented singer/band (part 1) Dai-1024

Do As Infinity was a popular Japanese band which debuted on September 29, 1999 with the release of their first single, "Tangerine Dream". Their name is sometimes abbreviated as D.A.I., revealing that Do As Infinity was named after the band's guitarist and composer, Dai Nagao. With the release of their A-side compilation album Do the A side, Do As Infinity disbanded on September 29, 2005, after a career which spanned six years, six albums, twenty singles, seven compilation albums and eight live DVDs.

Eventually, auditions were held, and he chose Tomiko Van as lead singer, and Ryo Owatari as guitarist. Ryo turned up for the auditions in a red tracksuit with a Fender Jaguar and his effects pedals. He was asked to perform a small segment, but instead played three songs. Tomiko sang "Heart" as a band member forty-two hours after the Avex staff read her application. On September 29, 1999, the trio released their first single "Tangerine Dream", and held a live concert at the Shibuya AX. They performed almost daily at a number of locations, ranging from Shibuya's 109 (which is famous for street performers), to Yokohama Station and traveled to Fukuoka and other cities. Before "Tangerine Dream" was released, DAI and their fellow workers were giving out copies of their recordings for free to passers by.At their one-hundredth concert, held at Shibuya AX for free, the members of DAI recognized that the fans were the same bunch that bothered to listen to them.

The remainder of 1999 was spent performing both on the street and at in-store concerts at CD stores across the country. They also took part in choice events nationwide, including a festival in Tomiko Van's native Kumamoto prefecture. Their legendary streak of street concerts ended at one hundred, with a free concert for their fans, held at Shibuya Kokaido.Photos of some of their street performances were compiled into a PV for the song Field of Dreams which can be seen on the PV Collection 8 as well as in the background of the Live in Japan during a performance of the song.

Discography: (ALBUM)

__Title____________________Release date ______Ranking __Copies sold
Break of DawnMarch 23, 2000#3320,000
New WorldFebruary 21, 2001#1354,000
Deep ForestSeptember 19, 2001#1609,000
True SongDecember 26, 2002#5272,000
Gates of HeavenNovember 27, 2003#3294,000
Need Your LoveFebruary 16, 2005#3137,000

Video Clip: Field of Dream

Intro to some talented singer/band (part 1) Pa3vc

TAO became Do As Infinity's twentieth and last single, released on July 27, 2005. The lyrics of TAO described about friends parting ways and this caused many rumors among the fans about the disbanding of Do As Infinity. TAO was also the main theme of Tales of Legendia, an RPG videogame released in Summer 2005 and developed by Namco. The band announced on September 14, 2005 that they would disband on September 29, 2005, exactly six years to the day since their first single, Tangerine Dream, was released. Their last concert was at the Nippon Budokan on November 25, 2005. Three days before the final concert, Dai Nagao released the Do As Infinity last song called Trust on the official website through internet streaming. The vocal featured in this song is Mizushima Utana from one of Nagao's side project artists I-lulu. Many fans hoped for a CD release of the song recorded with Do As Infinity, however, it has yet to happen.

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(Final & Last concert before disbanding)

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Intro to some talented singer/band (part 1) Empty Re: Intro to some talented singer/band (part 1)

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